Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Alpaca Wool Shawl (Folksong shawls)

Alpaca shawls are made of superior quality Alpaca wool. The fibre is much warmer than sheep wool fibre and more luxurious than cashmere.
Stylish and luxuriously soft Alpaca shawls are hand knitted from handspun alpaca wool. These shawls are knitted in a close fashion providing much warmth in cold weather.

These shawls look extremely elegant and are ideal for special occasions. The unique designs and vibrant shades of these hand-dyed Alpaca shawls make them a sought after fashion accessory.

Fabric :
Alpaca wool is classified as a rare specialty fibre. The wool is derived from a South American camelid species called alpaca. The scientific name of alpaca is lama pacos, which is the inhabitant of the Andes Mountains of South America.

Characteristics of Alpaca Fibre
Alpaca fibre is strong and flexible and has more thermal capacity as compared to any other animal fibre.
The fibre does not cause any itching as wool often does, because it does not contain lanolin and has a smooth cell structure. Basically, it contains microscopic air pockets that results in the production of lightweight garment with very high insulation value. These fibres are very easy to work upon.

Design & Pattern:
Alpaca shawls are very warm, fine and delicate. These shawls are adorned with needlework designs of roses and geometric figures. With silk embroidery embellishment, graceful and flowing drape and borders of luxuriously long, hand-knitted silk fringes, designer alpaca shawls stand apart for their exquisite beauty and refined nature.

Market for Alpaca Shawls:
The very elegant and exquisite Alpaca shawls are very popular in Europe as well as in Asian countries. The extreme softness and warmth of the shawl makes it one of the most preferred apparel in the colder hemisphere. Alpaca shawls are chiefly manufactured in Bolivia. The unique patterns and designs of the shawl has increased its demand globally in the recent past.


  1. What a fantastic beautiful creative idea..Bringing the shawl back to life and to warm comfort inspire protect adorn and nourish the femimine . what a contrast to all the harshness of modern day life that is thrown at women everyday. Ann

  2. This is fantastic. Can we see some pictures and info on purchasing?